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Alien: Isolation (Ripley Edition) Steam Key GLOBAL

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Alien: Isolation (Ripley Edition)

Alien: Isolation (Ripley Edition) includes:

  • • Alien: Isolation;
  • • Last Survivor DLC;
  • • Crew Expendable DLC.

The fear-instilling Alien returns to the gaming screens in Alien: Isolation, the survival-Creative Assembly. Here you will find yourself in a spaceship that just happens to have an eerie inhabitant within – an alien xenomorph, just like the one from the 1979 movie! Are you steadfast enough to withstand the primal fear gripping your veins as the constant dread seems to fill the rooms and your insides? Buy Alien: Isolation Steam key to see what you’re made of!

Is Alien: Isolation scary?

Once you step into the world delivered by Alien: Isolation Steam key, you experience horror as an active participant instead of a mere spectator! Assume the role of Amanda who must navigate through the capricious world where death may lurk behind every crook and corner. And yet… You are bound to explore the eerie environment you find yourself in as you are in need of supplies. Search, scavenge and… Try not to fall into the hands of the creature that redefines horror in the most gruesome way a human mind could possibly comprehend.

Mesmerizing gameplay

When talking about the in-game environment, the place called Sevastopol, one must mention not only the visual surroundings but the soundtrack as well, because it creates an electrifying atmosphere that gets blood pumping. Upon getting your Alien: Isolation Steam key, you will unlock a world of incredible horror action. Constantly being hunted, you find there is never a moment of rest. To live, you must outsmart the alien as none of your weapons is powerful enough to scratch it, let alone hurt it. There are three difficulty modes within the game, which means that every gamer will find a mode to suit them!

Major gameplay features

Alien: Isolation Steam key offers an abundance of gameplay features to maximize your horror experience with the horrendous extraterrestrial inhabitant.

  • Dynamic horror experience. The Alien: Isolation game crafted a masterful world where even your own breath sends you jolting. Every move and every turn is followed by pulsating fear of encountering the dread haunting these walls;
  • Interactive game world. Take the initiative and try to hack the systems present in the building you’re trapped in, scavenge for vital items and craft the necessary tools and weapons to be ready for the dreaded encounters;
  • Eerie atmosphere. As you seek ways to deal with or evade your enemies, the well-crafted game atmosphere haunts you in your every step, delivering an authentic horror experience;
  • • Cheaper Alien: Isolation price.

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  • Wymagania systemowe: Windows 7 (32bit)
  • Procesor: 3.16 GHz - Intel Core 2 Duo E8500
  • Pamięć: 4 GB RAM
  • Grafika: 1 GB VRAM - AMD Radeon HD 5550 / Nvidia GeForce GT 430
  • Miejsce na dysku: 35 GB
  • Obsługa 64-bitowa: Yes
  • Wymagania systemowe: macOS 10.10.4
  • Procesor: 2GHz Intel Core i5
  • Pamięć: 4 GB RAM
  • Grafika: 1GB AMD 5750, 1GB Nvidia 650M, 1.5 GB Intel Iris Pro 5200 (See Notes more details)
  • Wymagania systemowe: Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, SteamOS
  • Procesor: 2.6GHz Intel i3
  • Pamięć: 4 GB RAM
  • Grafika: Nvidia 6xx (driver version: 355.11)